Should I sell before buying?

The logical order is to put your home on the market, get a really good offer and then start your property search in earnest. That way it’ll put you in the strongest position and ensure you don’t miss out when you do find your ideal next home.

That’s great in theory, but in truth many buyers find their dream home prior to selling, or even prior to contemplating selling their home. It could even be said that the earlier you start looking, the better, as you'll get a really good idea of the market, but in reality, most people sell their current home at the same time as buying a new one and form a ‘property chain’.

Agreeing a sale before you find the house or apartment you want to buy definitely has its advantages

- It puts you in a stronger position when buying. The seller you want to buy from will almost certainly prefer a buyer in a proceedable position rather than having someone dependant on a sale.

- You remain in control of the sale of your own house and can get the best price because you won’t need to make a quick sale.

- Those with time on their side are usually in the strongest negotiating position

- You may be able to buy for a better price if you find a seller who’s keen to move quickly

If you do have a property to sell, some agents could deem this a disadvantage, but here at The Property Centre, we take a different view:

- Any offer you make at this stage would be ‘non-proceedable’,  but this doesn’t lessen your offer. It should only increase the enthusiasm to sell your home and as a leading local agent, we’re perfectly placed to get your home on the market and sold.

- If the seller of a property you’re interested in has yet to find somewhere to buy / move to, having the same estate agent as them can help create a win-win scenario for all involved.

In summary, there is no right or wrong way to finding your new home. Either way can work, depending on your circumstances, but the key is to find the RIGHT AGENT who will work hard for you, whether that’s as a buyer (as you’ll have already sold), or as a seller.

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