A Guide to Selling Your Home

Does it all add up?

If you have an existing mortgage, you’ll need to find out what your outstanding balance is and if there are any early redemption penalties. Depending on the size of your outstanding mortgage and the price of the property you wish to buy, you may need to borrow more. We have a professional Mortgage Advice Bureau Adviser in each of our nine offices, across Gloucester Estate Agents, Cheltenham Estate Agents, Stroud Estate Agents and Worcester Estate Agents which are the best places to find a mortgage most suited to your needs - arrange an appointment today.

If you wish to reduce the time pressures associated with selling your home, you may choose to move into rented accommodation. Choosing this option means you won’t be rushed into making a decision just because you’ve found a buyer, and by breaking out of the housing chain, it could make you a more attractive prospect in the eyes of vendors when you do find a property you want to buy.

Deciding who to choose to sell your property is an important decision. You’re most likely researching local agents, but how do you know which agent is best placed to sell your property?

As Gloucester and Worcester’s Top-Selling Agent, and a leading Sales & Lettings Agent in Cheltenham and Stroud, no-one is better placed than us locally to sell your home.

  • Strong local presence
  • Open at convenient times to suit people’s busy lifestyles
  • Exceptional negotiating skills to achieve the very best price for your property
  • Dedicated in-house marketing team & highly targeted marketing across every platform
  • Professional photography
  • All-inclusive service - we offer in-branch mortgage advice 

The Property Centre carries out thousands of market appraisals each year. Our valuers are highly trained with excellent local knowledge, indeed many of them have more than 10 years of experience in valuing and they carefully monitor market conditions to ensure that your property is given the optimum market value. We understand that your home is probably your most valuable asset and we promise to represent your interests in the best possible way, endeavouring to secure the very best price from the most suitable buyer. Arrange a realistic and accurate valuation now.

Staging your home will help you to sell it faster and possibly achieve more. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective buyer and ask yourself the following questions - Does my home make a great first impression? Is there space to park? Is everything tidy? We’re here to help and guide you, and our expert valuers are professionally trained photographers so we’ll give your property the attention it deserves at no extra cost.

There are a number of factors that can influence the timescale involved in transferring ownership of a property from seller to buyer. The Property Centre works with a local firm of solicitors who provide a friendly and efficient service designed to be stress-free for our customers. The conveyancing company works pro-actively to best protect your interests and ensure legal title is transferred as quickly as possible. Request a no obligation quote.

Did you know…? An Estate Agent has to pass every offer onto the Vendor by law. You then get to decide whether to accept, reject or negotiate that offer. It’s common practice to take your property off the market when you accept an offer and solicitors have been instructed, but it’s worth remembering that your decision isn’t legally binding and you can change your mind. A good agent will advise you throughout this period.

This is the length of time between an offer being accepted and the point of exchange. We’re unique locally for having a large dedicated Sales Progression Team, based at our Head Office, whose sole purpose is to liaise with all parties involved in a sale/purchase. Not only does this communication remove a lot of the stress from the process, but it helps to ensure completion can happen as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Until you exchange contracts, neither side has any legal obligation to buy or sell the property. Both buyer and seller sign identical contracts, but only when these contracts are formally exchanged by the solicitors does the deal become legally binding. The solicitors will undertake the exchange verbally over the phone. If you pull out after this, without due reason, the buyer’s deposit will be returned to them and you may be sued. However, it’s extremely rare for anyone to pull out after exchanging contracts, and in practical terms, this is when you can pop the champagne cork!

On the day of completion, the money is transferred and any deeds for the property are exchanged between each side’s solicitor or conveyancer. You must vacate the property (if you haven’t already) and hand over the keys at a pre-arranged time.

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