2021 Home Design trends

2021 Home Design trends

Tap into 2021's biggest interior trends to reinvent and refresh your home this year.

With home playing such an important part in our lives now, it’s no surprise that overall trends this year focus on creating an environment where we can relax, recharge and feel comfortable.

Warm colours

With winter comes the innate desire to feel cosy and incorporating warm colours into a space is a great way to achieve this. Shades which add a playful element of colour during the cold winter season work equally well in sunnier months too, feeling warm and welcoming.

This kitchen demonstrates the idea perfectly, with its soft shades of charcoal and bare wood. We’re also seeing more and more rooms featuring burnt orange, ochre and browns to add depth to a space.

warm paint colours kitchen home trends

Lighting as a focal point

2021 sees lighting becoming the focus of rooms rather than being merely functional. Pendant lights are now frequently used over dining tables and breakfast bars to brighten and warm these spaces.

Pendant lighting 2021 home design trends

Thoughtfully placed ceiling lights can transform a room, so consider lighting as your starting point when updating your home.

lighting as as focal point 2021 home design trends

Eco fabrics and materials

We’re all more conscious of the environment now and we’re definitely seeing a trend towards eco fabrics and materials as we balance décor and fashion with sustainability.

Wood, stone, glass, cotton, and linen create an incredibly harmonious and healthy atmosphere, as does having plants and flowers inside your home.

Eco fabrics home trends

Home office as a focal point

Working from home is one of the hottest trends of the last decade, as well as being a necessity for most since the beginning of the pandemic, becoming one of the most critical functional areas of the home.

home office home trends 2021

It is not surprising that designers recommend paying as much attention as possible to the atmosphere in home offices – this room or area needs to be conducive to work but also a comfortable environment to be in too, with things around you which bring you joy.

home office design trend 2021

Large mirrors

A great way to visually enlarge the space or decorate an accented wall, large mirrors have never gone out of style.

The shape of them has been updated, with the trend towards circular, in natural materials.

large mirrors home decor trends 2021
Tip: make sure that whatever surrounds the mirror is simple or with a natural texture to avoid a cluttered look.