Spring 2021 interior design trends

Spring 2021 interior design trends

Spring this year will feel like no other, as lockdown restrictions start to relax and we begin to enjoy warmer weather with friends and family.

With the change in seasons comes a change in interior design trends too which are reflecting the positive shifts and centring on nature and floral simplicity.

If you’re looking to refresh things, here are 4 design trends to brighten your home this Spring.

Earthy, neutral colours 

Greens, blues and blush rose are three of the most-loved paint colours currently on trend, creating a sense of tranquillity that’s in tune with nature and which work as a perfect backdrop for both living rooms and bedrooms. Using a stronger tone of those shades is also good for those wanting more of a statement.

earthy tones spring 2021

Bringing the outside in

Houseplants are hugely popular right now and are especially perfect for flat owners or those without garden space. One of the other ways people are integrating this trend into their home is through the use of organic materials, such as bamboo and wood. Shelves and displays made of bamboo are gaining popularity as they can be sustainably sourced, and so is quality wooden furniture.

bring outdoors in interior trends 2021

Eco-friendly items 

Similar to the houseplant/bamboo trend, eco-friendly items are in high demand. Handmade clay cups, wallhangings made of cork and woven tapestries are all great ways to be more eco-conscious, with wall art centring on colours such as yellow, orange and green that brighten up any room.

eco friendly home decor

Arches and curves

Previously popular in the 50's, we’re now seeing a move away from harsh edges and blocky items and going towards curved sofas and rounded mats and mirrors. Circular house items create a more welcoming feel and if you don’t want to splash out on mirrors and rugs, then you can incorporate the trend by including some circular pillows.

Curves and arches