Garden trends to make the most of your outside space this year

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has influenced garden trends in a big way – with the freedom now to meet friends and family in private gardens and a lot of us opting for a summer at home rather than abroad, we're all looking to transform our outdoor space into a more welcoming place.

Here’s our rundown of trends for your garden in 2021.

The garden as an extra living room

garden trends 2021 inside out

Gardens are a space where we’re spending more and more of our time with family and friends, so they need to be fit for several purposes. Whether that’s an extended play area for the kids, an entertainment space or a place to work from home - blurring the lines between inside and out is a growing and important trend for 2021.

Here’s a few tips for doing this successfully:

  • Introduce some low seating to ensure the view into your garden isn’t blocked.
  • Add cushions or throws to soften the look.
  • Outdoor rugs make the patio feel like an extension of our living rooms
  • Add colours from your garden to the inside of your home which will help to really tie it all together.

garden trends extra living room

Garden offices

garden office

Creating a garden office cuts out the need to extend your house and also allows you to have a clear distinction between working hours and relaxation. A well-designed garden office can also be turned into a teenage den or hobby room, should your needs change in the future. 

Outdoor entertaining

Hot tubs

garden hot tub

There’s been a huge rise in the sale of hot tubs since the UK’s first lockdown and their popularity shows no sign of slowing down. The luxury of a hot tub at home is the ultimate fun way to relax outside with friends and family.

Garden bars

garden shed bar

Aside from offering free drinks and later closing, a garden bar also gives a convenient option for those days when pub gardens are fully booked.


garden trends firepit

Extend the day and add a focal point to your garden with a firepit.

Pizza ovens

garden pizza oven

We're ready to embrace some homemade, stone-baked pizzas this summer. Built to last, great for entertaining, a great heater too for cooler months plus a stunning focal point, we’re a big fan of pizza ovens.

The outdoor playroom

garden kids playroom

If you’ve got children, then create an outdoor space which little ones can call their own, whether that’s room for games, a sandpit or even a mud garden.

Outdoor cinemas

garden outdoor cinema

Lockdowns have forced us to make our own entertainment and that trend, including garden cinemas, isn’t going anywhere in 2021.

Planting and growing

Grow your own

garden trends grow your own

With increasing popularity of vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, coupled with a growing appreciation of organic produce, it’s no surprise that easy to grow vegetables, salads and herbs are a key trend this year. Plus, eating something that you’ve grown yourself is hugely satisfying!

Here’s a few tips for growing your own produce:

  • Find the right area. You don’t need lots of space, but make sure you’re planting in a level area with a decent amount of sunlight.
  • A greenhouse is a great way of having fresh fruit and veg all year round.
  • If space isn’t on your side, beans, peas, squashes and pumpkins are a great option as they make use of vertical space, whilst salad leaves, herbs and tomatoes grow well in boxes on balconies and patios.

Wildlife-friendly and eco-friendly gardening

eco gardening rewilding

2021 is set to see an increased demand for plants that attract bees and butterflies into our gardens.

It’s also environmentally responsible to use plants which can largely fend for themselves. Instead of greenery which require lots of watering, choosing plants that can stand intense heat and require minimal watering has become very popular as they’re a more eco-friendly option.

The concept of a wild patch that can provide water, food and shelter to hedgehogs and little birds is also becoming popular in home gardens.

Herb gardens

garden trends herb garden

Whether you have a small garden, a large garden or no garden at all, everyone can build a herb garden. Herb gardens smell fantastic and there’s really no better feeling than picking your own fresh herbs for cooking.

For those with little window space, get creative with a vertical herb garden - perfect for bringing life to an empty wall.

Small gardens

small garden trends

Appreciate the space that you’ve got and make the most of it, no matter how small.

  • Utilise every inch of space by planting vertically. This allows even the smallest of garden spaces to flourish.
  • Add a decorative garden mirror to create the illusion of more space and make your garden appear larger than it really is.
  • Invest in a half-sized table to slot neatly against a wall - serving its purpose without encroaching on the limited space.