Protecting Your Investment

Do you rely on the income from your property to pay the mortgage?

What if your tenant is unable to pay their rent?

Unfortunately, even the most reliable tenants can sometimes find themselves in financial difficulty. Loss of a job, relationship breakdown, rising costs and an unpredictable economy can all affect a tenant’s ability to pay their rent, which is not only stressful for them, but can be equally stressful for you, as their landlord.

According to figures from the Ministry of Justice, it takes on average 322 days to regain possession of a property when evicting a tenant. Lost rent, coupled with any legal expenses associated with an eviction means that if your tenant falls into arrears, the cost of regaining possession of your property could be as much as £11,000.

Remove the uncertainty by protecting your income and investment with our Rent and Legal cover package from Rentshield Direct.

What’s included?

  • Rents of up to £4,000 paid until vacant possession is obtained (rent payable up to 12 months, depending on the policy taken out)
  • Legal defence in support of the eviction process
  • Legal cover for property damage over £1,000
  • 50% of rent paid after eviction for up to 3 months while we re-advertise your property
  • £50,000 total cover for lost rent and legal fees

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