What you need to know about moving house during lockdown

What you need to know about moving home during lockdown

Following the recent government announcement, tougher coronavirus measures are in place across the UK, with England now in its third lockdown.

Whether you’re thinking of moving house, in the process of moving, unsure how you’ll afford mortgage payments, or more – we’ve put together a list of a few commonly asked questions to help steer you in the right direction and put your mind at ease.

The housing market is still open across the entire UK. Contact your local branch if you need to discuss how the recent lockdown announcement may affect your house move.

moving home in the pandemic

Can I still list my property for sale?

You can still list your home on the property market just like normal. Book your free valuation in person or virtually with your local branch.

Can I still list my property for sale

What’s the process for searching for a new home or moving home?

While people can still move home, the process may take a little bit longer and be a bit different from normal as agents, conveyancers and other professionals have modified how they work in order to reduce the risk from COVID-19.

The Housing Secretary confirmed in relation to the housing industry:

  • Renters and homeowners are still able to move
  • Removal firms and estate agents can still operate
  • Construction sites can still continue
  • Tradespeople are still able to enter homes

Read the full Government guidance on moving house here.

Whats the process for moving home

Can I still view properties for sale or rent?

Property viewings can still be made by appointment only. However, we encourage everyone to do their initial property searches online wherever possible, using our virtual tours.

Can I still view properties for sale or rent

How long will it take for my mortgage application to be processed?

Mortgage applications are taking longer to process due to the large increase in mortgage applications from those wanting to make use of the stamp duty holiday.
We strongly encourage that when it comes to sending off your mortgage application, you have all the required paperwork signed, sealed and ready to go such as ID, bank statements and proof of address. The sooner you share these things with your lender or mortgage adviser, the more chance they stand of processing the application efficiently.

I submitted my mortgage application before the UK went into lockdown

I submitted my mortgage application before the UK went into lockdown. Will this affect my application’s ability to be accepted?

The government has confirmed the housing market will remain open meaning you can still move house and apply for a mortgage as normal. However, we’d always recommend seeking mortgage advice as everyone’s individual circumstances are different and this will determine the options available to you.

Our experienced in-branch Mortgage Advisers can advise you on this - book an appointment at your nearest branch here.

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