Virtual Tours: An Engaging Property Marketing Tool

Virtual tours have revolutionised the way properties are marketed in today's digital age. With the advancement of technology, virtual tours provide an immersive experience that allows potential buyers to explore properties without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Data has shown that properties listed with a virtual tour can see a 130% increase in enquiries and 45% more listing engagement1. They also open up new markets looking to attract buyers from further afield.

This powerful marketing tool has become increasingly popular in the property industry, offering a unique and engaging way to showcase properties. In this blog, we will dive into the world of virtual tours, understanding their benefits, the technology behind them, and their role in property marketing.

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Understanding Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are virtual reality experiences that allow users to explore properties as if they were physically present. By utilising virtual reality technology, potential buyers can navigate through properties, view various rooms, and get a true sense of the space. From brand-new showhomes to period properties, virtual tours provide a unique and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional property listings.

What Makes Virtual Tours Unique

What sets virtual tours apart from traditional property marketing methods is the immersive experience they offer. With virtual reality, potential buyers can explore every corner, examine the finishes, and even get a sense of the property's scale. This level of immersion creates a connection with the property, enabling potential buyers to envision themselves living or working there.

Additionally, virtual tours offer a showcase of properties that go beyond static images. Virtual tours allow potential buyers to experience the property dynamically and interactively, making it more memorable and enticing. Furthermore, virtual tours can be viewed on various devices, from desktop computers to smartphones, ensuring accessibility for all potential buyers. This flexibility allows users to explore properties at their convenience, even on the go.

The Technology Behind Virtual Tours

Virtual tours rely on cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless experience for users. At The Property Centre, our cameras from Giraffe 360 can create virtual tours, floor plans and HDR still photographs.

Virtual tours can be viewed on iOS and Android devices, providing accessibility to a wider audience. Whether it's an iPad or an iPhone, users can easily explore properties through virtual tours, further extending their reach and marketing potential.

The Role of Virtual Tours in Property Marketing

Now that we have explored the fundamentals of virtual tours, let's discuss their role in property marketing. Virtual tours play a crucial role in boosting online presence, increasing engagement, and differentiating properties in a competitive market. By incorporating virtual tours into property marketing strategies, estate agents and property owners can showcase their properties dynamically and interactively, capturing the attention of potential buyers.

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Boosting Online Presence with Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer a powerful boost to property marketing efforts, especially in today's digital world. Here's how virtual tours enhance online presence:

  • Increased visibility: By incorporating virtual tours into property listings, properties stand out among traditional static images, attracting more views and inquiries.
  • Improved engagement: Virtual tours provide an immersive experience that keeps potential buyers engaged for longer periods. This increased engagement can lead to a deeper connection with the property and a higher likelihood of conversion.
  • Google integration: Virtual tours can be integrated with Google Street View, allowing potential buyers to explore properties directly from Google Search and Google Maps. This further enhances visibility and accessibility.
  • Extended reach: Through social media platforms, virtual tours can reach a wider audience, increasing the chances of attracting potential buyers.

Increased Engagement through Interactive Tours

One of the key benefits of virtual tours is the interactive experience they provide. Unlike static images or videos, virtual tours allow potential buyers to navigate through properties, creating a personalized and engaging experience. Here's how virtual tours increase engagement:

  • Personalised exploration: Virtual tours give potential buyers control over their viewing experience. They can choose which rooms to explore, where to look, and how long to spend in each area, creating a tailored experience that meets their specific needs.
  • Communication with estate agents: Virtual tours allow for easy communication between potential buyers and estate agents. Through integrated messaging systems, potential buyers can ask questions, request additional information, or even schedule in-person viewings.

By offering an immersive and interactive experience, virtual tours significantly enhance engagement, leading to more meaningful interactions between potential buyers and estate agents.

Accurate Floor Plans

Property descriptions and professional photographs may not convey the complete picture. 2D-floor plans offer a comprehensive view of the home layout at a glance, complementing property images and virtual tours to assist buyers in visualizing themselves in their ideal home. A 2D floor plan serves as a quick reference for aspects like room arrangement, renovations, and interior design, aiding potential buyers in making informed decisions.

Floor plans by The Property Centre

At The Property Centre, our Giraffe360 cameras use a built-in LIDAR to take up to 200000 measurements in any one room. These measurements are then automatically uploaded to our editing software, which combines them into a floor plan image.

Success Stories of Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have been a game-changer in the industry, transforming the way properties are marketed and sold:

  • Increased property enquiries: Estate Agents have experienced a surge in property inquiries after implementing virtual tours in their marketing strategies. Potential buyers are drawn to the interactive and immersive experience that virtual tours offer, leading to a higher volume of inquiries.
  • Faster property sales: By utilising virtual tours, agents have witnessed faster property sales. The ability to showcase a property through a virtual tour, allows potential buyers to explore every corner and gives them a level of confidence that leads to faster decision-making.
  • Showcasing unique features: Virtual tours allow estate agents to showcase unique features of a property, such as breathtaking views, architectural details, or luxurious amenities, making them stand out among the competition. This enhanced visibility results in higher interest and ultimately, more successful property sales.

The success stories of virtual tours in real estate show the tremendous impact this marketing tool can have on property sales and the ability to differentiate properties in a crowded market.

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Are Virtual Tours the Future of Property Marketing?

As technology continues to advance, virtual tours are likely to become an integral part of property marketing in the future. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual tours, as potential buyers and estate agents prioritise convenience. Virtual tours offer an immersive and interactive experience that goes beyond traditional marketing methods, allowing potential buyers to explore properties from anywhere at any time.

In the UK, virtual tours have gained significant traction, with agents embracing this powerful marketing tool. As consumer expectations evolve, virtual tours may become the norm rather than the exception. Buyers now expect virtual tours as part of their property search experience, as they provide a more comprehensive understanding of a property before arranging an in-person viewing.

While virtual tours will not completely replace in-person viewings, they are likely to complement traditional property marketing methods. When combined with high-quality images and accurate floor plans, virtual tours offer a way to engage potential buyers, create a memorable experience, and showcase properties in an immersive and interactive manner.

1 Data taken from Giraffe360, LCP, Mass Interact and Digital in the round.

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