How to Declutter your Home

How to Declutter your Home

With summer well and truly over and the nights starting to draw in, what better time to start getting your home back in order. Here’s our top tips for decluttering your home:

1. Create storage for everything

It’s much easier to keep your home clutter-free if you have enough storage.

Keep a tidy house, create storage for everything

2. Quality over quantity

Get into the mindset of buying and having fewer things but making them the best quality you can afford - this really does work!

How to declutter your home, choose quality over quantity

3. Edit before you organise

This works well for kitchens and bathrooms. Taking everything out of your cupboards ensures that you throw out anything you’ve been keeping hold of “just in case”, or is simply out of date.

Declutter your home, edit before you organise

4. Use your dining table for dining

Don’t let your dining table turn into a storage area! It’s so easy for the kids to dump their school bags on it, or to put paperwork down for a “moment”.

How to declutter your house, don't let your dining table turn into a storage area

5. Don’t overlook hooks

Hooks are a great way to keep things tidy around the home and to put those everyday items out of the way.

Tidy your home, don't overlook hooks

6. Don’t start a “stair pile”

Or any other pile for that matter! We’ve all been there - you pop a couple of things on a pile, and it magically becomes a mountain, and only we can get through that mountain!

Decluttering your home, don't start a stair pile

 Happy decluttering, your journey starts here. ?

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