How to Prepare Your House For Sale

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of preparing their home for prospective buyers. Making your property more attractive will not only help to maximise the sale price but help it sell quicker too. If you’re thinking of selling, take a look at the list below with ideas on how you can prepare your house for sale.

First impressions count

Make sure the exterior of your home looks inviting. Plant some colourful flowers and repaint your front door if it’s looking tired. Move bins out of view and clear away anything unsightly. Do what it takes to create that lasting first impression. 

prepare your house for sale first impressions

Check everything is working

Selling almost any home can be tricky, but selling a home with lots of small repair needs can be much harder. When buyers walk into your property, they want to fall in love with the house, not add a bunch of small repairs to their to-do list. Check the doorbell, tighten loose taps, replace light bulbs and tighten any loose handles.

fix door handles 

Remove clutter

Less is more. Tidy up counters, windowsills, tables and all other areas on show. If the house is overflowing with things, buyers might worry that the house won’t be big enough for their own belongings. Moving out will be also easier if some of your belongings are already boxed up.

prepare your house for sale declutter 

Deep clean

Clean under and behind furniture, clean the windows, touch up any scuff marks, scrub the skirting boards, walls and doors. Really make your home sparkle and look cared-for.

deep clean your property 

Repaint walls to neutral tones

A light neutral colour allows buyers to envision what the walls would look like with the colour of their choice.

sell your house neautral walls 

Check the smell of your home

Your home needs to smell fresh and clean. If a smell is pervasive, prepare to do some investigating and deep cleaning.

 Check the smell of your house before selling

Depersonalise your space

Remove distractions so that buyers can visualise themselves living in the property. Limit personal items and family photos, as well as bold artwork. If your children’s bedroom walls are covered in posters, remove most of them. Try to create a blank canvas, so that buyers can picture themselves making the house their home.

depersonalise your home before selling

Consider who your buyer might be and define each room

Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the house, so it’s essential that each room is shown off to highlight its purpose. For example, if your home has a spare bedroom, it should be dressed to look like a guest bedroom, not a junk room! You may also consider who may want to buy your property and dress your home accordingly.

sell your house define each room 2

Make the most of your outdoor space

Gardens can be a great selling point – but an overgrown jungle will make the space look smaller and unloved. Consider power washing the decking and patios, planting some tubs, and creating privacy with trellis or trees.

prepare your house for sale garden 

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