Tips to help you sell your home this summer

4 simple tips to help you sell your home this summer

Summer’s a great time to sell – everywhere looks brighter in the better weather and gardens generally look their best


With longer days and more time to view, it’s the perfect time for house buyers too. So if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, what can you do to make it stand out and help it sell? 

Max your kerb appeal

You know what they say about first impressions! Make sure the front of your home is as clean and tidy as possible. Get rid of any clutter and weeds on your drive and give it a power wash. Clean your front door too and if it’s a wooden one, we’d recommend you repaint it. Polish your door number and letterbox so they shine and check that your doorbell is working. Finally, make your home look pretty to anyone passing – plant some colourful flowers and if you don’t have a front garden, then invest in a hanging basket

Sell your house in summer with hanging baskets

Love your lawn and outdoor space

Gardens became our sanctuary during Lockdown, and homes with great outdoor space are now in high demand. A neat, freshly cut lawn makes your home stand out. It enhances your garden and makes your home look loved. Families viewing your home can imagine their children playing out, themselves soaking up the sun or entertaining friends there. If you only have a back yard, steal a march on the competition by adding colour with plants and trees in tubs. If you haven’t got one, buy a small outside table and chairs. You could paint the walls to brighten it up and give it a Mediterranean feel. Create a space where buyers can imagine themselves relaxing outdoors. Chairs, flowers, cushions, candles… little things can make a big difference.
Keep your garden and outside space looking lovely and your home will be easier to sell.

Sell your house love your garden


Wash your windows

Clean windows are a simple but really effective tip and it’s well worth doing them yourself or having them cleaned. Having the light stream in will enhance your home and buyers will often stand at the window to admire the view – don’t let them be distracted by dirty glass!

sell your house in summer clean your windows


Accessorize for the season

Everyone seems to be on a health kick in the summer so make your kitchen look healthy too. Add the odd pot of herbs on your windowsill. Fill a pretty bowl with lemons, limes and other similarly coloured fruit and make it a centrepiece on your table. Add zesty looking accessories and make your kitchen look like summer! Remember too that less is often more in kitchens, so keep work surfaces as clear as possible and everywhere sparkling clean. That means a gleaming oven and shiny taps too!

In your living space, take a look at your accessories. Grey is really popular as a wall colour now, so think about getting some cushions and throws in zesty yellows and greens which will look fab against the neutral background.
Bring your garden inside too with a vase of freshly cut flowers.

tips to sell your home in summer - accessorize with zingy cushions

These are just some of the tips we have to help your home sell but we have so many more. If you would like a free bespoke moving plan on how to enhance your home for sale, please give us a call. We want your home to sell and we want you to get the very best price for it which is why we offer this service as part of your home moving consultation. Contact your local office for a free market appraisal.

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