Luxurious looks on a budget – to help your home sell faster and achieve the best possible price

Luxurious looks on a budget – to help your home sell faster and achieve the best possible price

If you’re looking to sell your home, try giving it a luxury makeover to make it as appealing as possible to buyers. 

This doesn’t need to cost a fortune but could make all the difference when prospective buyers view your property. We’ve put together 8 simple tips to help your home stand out from the crowd and achieve the best possible price.

Luxurious Rugs

luxurious looks on a budget thick rugs 

Thick, plush rugs are the ultimate luxury, especially if you have hard-flooring at home. Rugs are also great as centrepieces in a room or think large rug-style throws in soft fabrics for your sofa.

Statement Lighting

luxurious looks on a budget lighting 

Light fittings don’t have to be expensive to look luxurious. Think chandeliers as a focal point, oversized lampshades, or use pendant lighting over your dining table or breakfast bar to brighten these eating spaces.


luxury home on a budget candles 

The smell of your home is really important, so add some candles for an easy injection of scent. Did you know it’s said that vanilla is the smell of luxury? Just remember not to overdo it with too many scents or anything too strong!

Full-length curtains

luxury looks full length curtains

Try strategically hanging full-length, floor-to-ceiling curtains to make your ceilings seem higher and create a luxury look.

Luxe cushions

luxe cushions to help sell property

Cushions are a great, easy way to update your living room. Use them in colours to match the season and choose cushions with plush textures for an extra luxurious finishing touch.

Oversized clocks, artwork and mirrors 

oversized artwork luxury looks 

Luxury homes often have great oversized artwork on display. Find large canvasses or prints in your local DIY store, or opt for large mirrors to visually enlarge your space or decorate an accented wall with an oversized clock.


flowers luxury look to sell home 

Choose flowers in colours to match your room décor or simply inject some colour into a neutrally decorated room. 


declutter luxury looks

Possibly most important of all is to make sure your home is clutter-free. Prospective buyers need to feel like your home is big enough for them to fit all their own belongings, so remove clutter to enhance the feeling of space.

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