Transforming Your Bathroom on a Budget

Everyone is looking for a bargain, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve owned many, bathrooms can be costly rooms to redesign. Usually due to expensive plumbing costs and fixtures. Fear not, we have some helpful tips for improving your bathroom without breaking the bank. We'll cover some quality alternatives to expensive upgrades.


Improving your bathroom can make it look clean and sophisticated

Vinyl Flooring

A bit like wall panels, vinyl flooring is a cheaper alternative to tiles. It's also some people's preference as they don't like the cold feel of tiles during winter. The important thing to remember when changing flooring is that it needs to be watertight. Not only are tiles a more expensive option, but the grouting can also degrade over time and leak.

Vinyl flooring comes in lots of different styles. The styles can range from a smooth minimalist look to complex patterns. Vinyl flooring also isn't that difficult to install. If you're feeling up to the challenge you could try your hand at the installation.

Wall Panels

Wall panels are a little-known improvement that people don't research well. PVC wall panels can be a much cheaper alternative to tiling. They cover larger areas so, don't need as much labour to fit. The panels come in a range of styles to fit any bathroom. PVC wall panels can mimic expensive minerals like quartz, marble or porcelain. This makes them a much more cost-effective choice for walling options. Especially when compared to expensive tiles.


Painting is an often overlooked improvement when it comes to bathrooms. Sure, bathrooms have lots of tiling but the walls that don't should have a fresh lick of paint. Matching your paint to your style can do wonders for your bathroom. Keeping it neutral with white or cream gives a clean look to your bathroom.

A growing trend these days is to use darker colours like greens and blues. One popular trend is lime wash paint. It's done by combining two thin layers of similar paints in random directions. It gives a washed cloudy effect to the wall. This simple yet effective touch can inject personality and sophistication.

Tip: Be sure to use water-resistant paint so it doesn't peel!

Taps & Fixtures

Bathroom taps add those little details to the bathroom

Taps are another fitting that isn’t given enough attention. Choosing a style that matches your bathroom's style can tie the whole room together. Changing your taps is an easy job for anyone and is budget-friendly. Use trend taps like black or rustic. You can even try the new styles like waterfall taps. Match your bathroom taps to your shower head to improve the quality of the room. Shower heads are even easier than taps, so don't shy away and save yourself some money!


One thing that can ruin an otherwise perfect bathroom is clutter. Make the most of storage options in bathrooms. Floating shelves can give air fresheners a smarter look. Hide your shampoos and bathroom products in cabinets or baskets. Fitting a bathroom cabinet with a mirror can not only make the room look bigger but can give a clean look to the bathroom. Even adding a simple toilet roll holder can be a very cheap addition and make the bathroom look cleaner.

A Touch of Green

It may seem like an unlikely place for people to have plants but bathrooms are ideal. Plants can thrive in the damper conditions of a bathroom and release fresh oxygen into the room. The green colours can give contrast to the otherwise white bathrooms. Pop down to your local garden centre and ask which plants can do well in bathrooms. Even a small hanging plant to sit on the windowsill can give the bathroom the colour it needs. Below are a few plants that would work well:

  • Pothos
  • Monstera
  • Snake Plant
  • Fern
  • Peace Lily Plant

Bathroom plants add a blast of green

Wrapping up

So there you have it, a few simple tips to help improve your bathroom on a budget. Pick a suggestion from each section to level up your bathroom. If you have the budget available, you could always go for the more expensive options. If you have any helpful tips for our readers, get in touch to let us know. If you’re currently looking for a new property check out our current listings.

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