How to care for your lawn during a heatwave

It’s something that doesn’t happen all that often in the UK – we’re in the midst of a heatwave. With temperatures expected to reach almost 30°C this week, you might be worrying about how to care for the lawn that you’ve so lovingly nurtured during the changeable weather in spring and early summer.

Expert Lawn Care Advice

Now that temperatures have skyrocketed, Cheryl Harper, Managing Director of Greensleeves Lawn Care, shares her tips for caring for your lawn during the hot weather.

Do Step On The Grass

One of the most common things that impact lawns during the high summer months is increased footfall – with families enjoying their garden space, BBQs with friends and leisurely afternoons of sunbathing, the lawn gets much more use than the rest of the year and the soil can start to get compacted. Combine that with the blazing sun and very little moisture and your lawn can start to look more than just a little worse for wear very quickly.

Rather than enforcing a ‘do not step on the grass’ policy for your family and friends, simply follow these steps and you’ll soon have all the neighbours inviting themselves over to admire your handy work!

Good Hydration

During this period of increased heat, keeping your lawn hydrated is crucial. Without sufficient water, your lawn can turn yellow and straw-like, taking months to recover. To maintain a green lawn during these hot spells, deep watering a couple of times a week is often more effective than daily light sprinkling.

Be strategic about when and how you water your lawn, especially when the heat is on. Early morning is the best time to water, allowing the grass to absorb the necessary moisture before the day's heat causes rapid evaporation. Avoid watering in the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak, as the water will evaporate quickly and won't reach the grassroots. Similarly, watering in the evening can increase the risk of diseases like red thread by leaving the grass damp overnight.

It's All About Timing

Fertilising your lawn is essential for boosting its vitality, enhancing the grass's health, and helping it develop into a lush, deep green colour. However, fertilising during the summer can be tricky and risky if not done correctly. Summer typically brings higher temperatures, drier conditions and extended periods of drought, which can make your lawn prone to fertiliser burn.

To avoid this, it's best to wait until after the heatwave has finished – even better, wait for a rainy day and apply fertiliser after the grass has dried. Greensleeves has created a special scorch-resistant fertiliser designed to provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to thrive during the summer months, ensuring it remains vibrant and healthy.

Let Your Lawn Breathe

Aeration is a great addition to your summer lawn care routine. It helps water, air, and nutrients penetrate the soil, reaching the grassroots where they're most needed, and alleviates soil compaction. For optimal grass health, consider using either hollow tine or spiking techniques.

Hollow tine aeration involves using a machine to remove small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn, while spiking creates holes without removing soil. Both methods enhance the efficiency of water, nutrients, and air absorption by the grassroots, promoting a healthier, more resilient lawn.

Crackdown On Weeds

Whilst we are busy enjoying the warm weather during the summer months, so are weeds. The heat may cause common weeds to germinate and spread. Not only do weeds look unsightly, but they also leach nutrients from your lawn. So, to achieve a luscious lawn this summer, you should make it your goal to eliminate all unwanted plant life from your lawn.

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